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MyDay are our best memories gathered in one place. They are our purest thoughts, wishes and feelings, mostly made of love, joy and happiness. This is all positive energy that gives us purpose an...
Loud thoughts
I have found a peace and comfort in a beautifull church in Ireland, Drumcliff. On a small table there was an invitation from all the good people living there, to visitors. They have invited us to  put  deepest wishes and thoughts on a paper and let it  in  small wooden box. The invitation in that church full of positive energy touched me and I have left a small wish in the small wooden box. I believe that there is so much energy in their prayers that they will manage to fulfill my wish.
I am so greatful to the people  who are being so kind. They have made my day special.
15th week in year
13 April 2024

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" Beautiful moments of our lives."