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George Sandys
George Sandys (2 March 1577 – March 1644) was an English traveller, colonist and poet.
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2 March 2024

WHAT IS MyDay?Back

MyDay are our best memories gathered in one place. They are our purest thoughts, wishes and feelings, mostly made of love, joy and happiness. This is all positive energy that gives us purpose and makes us happy. Let's make a calendar of good, bright and beautiful moments, acts and experiences. We were and still are browsing for positive events, important personalities and sparks of the day. In doing so we make use of Wikipedia, where we are trying to extract positive events and personalities. We will continue to add important personalities and events according to MyDay criteria, but we also count on you.

MyDay is meant to all who want to spread positive energy by using world wide web. Therefore we are sending it on the way in hope, that it will fill with beautiful stories, events and positive personalities, who are not be famous but have big heart and are worth to be mentioned and remembered.

Find beautiful moment, inform us about important personality or event that deserves a place on the calendar of positive events. And above all , enter "YOUR DAY" and share your positive feelings with the rest of us.

Other calendars show events that are of historic importance. But in reality the events that change history are usually tiny decisions, experiences that are at a glance of no importance. That's because they are important to you. You are the ones who, through your attitude to life, the environment in which you live and the way how you treat fellow human, co-create this world and change it for the better. It is therefore important to acknowledge fragments of beautiful things, remembering them again and again.  Share the day  when your child made first steps, when you passed a difficult exam, when you have changed somebody's life or achieved small personal victory. There are a lot of good acts and tiny victories, we just don't recognize them. Being able to apologize to someone, to take responsability for poor performance or to set a new goal -  moments that over time are recognized as a milestone, a major victory on the way to your destination.

MyDay project was created in the belief that we are all important stone in the mosaic, which creates the image of the planet. We designed it with the aim to gather positive experiences, events in space and time to leave traces of beautiful and good, what is happening to small individual and which never comes to the calendar of major events of history. In this way, we expand the space of positive energy, beautiful thoughts and allow those who have a bad day, to make it better. By setting important events of small people by the side of good and beautiful historical events , we want to point out that life is actually woven out of small pleasures. And that these events are not unimportant - on the contrary, we too are important, our experiences and thoughts which count. We are not a number, just one of many, each of us is important precisely because it may think, expand and has a positive effect, changing the world for the better. Your victory is important - not only for you but for the entire course of history. What can a man do in life, more important than to help someone see that he is making good. This is what gives us inner satisfaction and happiness.

Unfortunately we blindly rush through every day, with thoughts directed to the objectives of what we get, win, achieve, so we dont see how droplets of happiness slides out of hand. We are waiting and waiting for the bucket, lake or sea of happiness, while forgetting that a bucket, lake, sea of happines are made out of that tiny drops.  Bring the saying: "Become the change you want it be in this world" to life!

Let's begin writing MyDay calendar and collect drops of beautiful and good things. Let's search for beautiful events,  draw attention to important figures, most beautiful moments and share the happiness with others. At the end of a beautiful day we can look back with gratitude and thank to all the good that we were blessed with today. At the end of a bad day we can simply dig through it and discover, that something beautiful, good happened on that day although it wasn't perfect for us.

We are pleased that you share with us your positive energy, thus showing that the world is in fact more beautiful and better as painted by those who do not know how to look with the heart.

MyDay are the most beautiful moments in our lives.

Your MyDay team.

" Beautiful moments of our lives."