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François Charles Mauriac was a French author and a Nobel Prize winner.
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11 October 2019

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Orson Squire Fowler 11.10.1809

Wikipedia (02 Oct 2013, 15:23)

Orson Squire Fowler (October 11, 1809 – August 18, 1887) was a phrenologist and lecturer. He also popularized the octagon house in the middle of the nineteenth century.

Early life

The son of Horace and Martha (Howe) Fowler, he was born in Cohocton, New York, He prepared for college at Ashland Academy and studied at Amherst College, graduating in the class of 1834.


With his brother Lorenzo Niles Fowler, he opened a phrenological office in New York City. Orson wrote and lectured on phrenology, preservation of health, popular education and social reform from 1834 to 1887. Lorenzo and his wife Lydia Folger Fowler lectured frequently with Orson on the subject of phrenology. The three were "in large measure" responsible for the mid-19th century popularity of phrenology.

Orson edited and published the American Phrenological Journal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1838 to 1842. He was a partner with Fowler & Wells, publishers, New York, from 1846 to 1854, residing in Fishkill, New York and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

He moved his office to Boston, Massachusetts in 1863, residing in Manchester from 1863 to 1880. He resided in Sharon, New York from 1883 until August 18, 1887, when he died.

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