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Born on this day
François Englert
François, Baron Englert is a Belgian theoretical physicist and a Nobel Prize award winner.
45th week in year
6 November 2019

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The 1st constitution of the Dominican Republic is adopted6.11.1844

Wikipedia (28 Oct 2013, 08:57)
On November 6, 1844 a constituent assembly drafted a constitution, based on the Haitian and United States models, which established separation of powers and legislative checks on the executive. However, Santana included in it Article 210, which granted him unlimited power during the current war against Haiti. The war continued throughout September and November 1845 being the Haitians defeated at Estrelleta and Beler. Santana remained as President until 1848, when he lost the election, only to seize power by a coup d'état the year after, when the Haitian President Faustin Soulouque attacked and was defeated at El Número and at Las Carreras.
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